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We are a jewellery-making social enterprise founded in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2018. Nokor means Kingdom in the Khmer language, which reflects our desire to impact individuals from the sex trade in the Kingdom of Cambodia for the Kingdom of God. We exist to empower women to break out of poverty cycles which lead them into undesirable places of employment.

Humble Origins

Our unique handmade pieces represent Cambodia’s rapid development and special history by fusing modern clay with an ancient glass-working tech- nique called cane-work. This technique ensures no two pieces are exactly the same and pays tribute to each of our artists’ individual journeys to free- dom. Each piece portrays our artists’ creativity and resilience, and generates a sustainable income for their new future. We hope you feel the same pride as we do when you wear Nokor’s creations and join our movement to cele- brate the beautiful stories behind them.

Artisanal Craft

Our artists are ex-bar girls who unwillingly worked in the red light district due to financial stress on their families, lack of access to education and no viable career options. Our solution is to provide our artists with skills training, counselling and discipleship, and a safe working environment at our vocational training centre. We enable our artists to leave the life they once lived by paying them well and sponsoring their children’s education. We are al- ways astounded by their bravery in choosing to live a new and better life and will do all we can to support them forward.

Courageous Artists